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How important are key messages? And how do they help us to promote our service?

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Story telling is age-old. An ancient way of communication. We love stories, we love telling stories and we know that people engage with stories more easily than any other mode of communication.

So, stories are a great way to communicate the values, aims, challenges and successes of your organisation, but are they easy to find?

This FREE short course looks at ways to help the people you work with to help you find stories that make us want to work with you.

This video and the tools that accompany it will help you to create story content for your organisation and include all the elements that make your story resonate with your audience.

In addition to the video presented by Noelene Gration you can access:

Tell Your Story recap – a recap of the important points in the lesson

Your Story Quiz – a short quiz to help you keep the basic elements in mind

Tell Your Story Video Transcript

This free short course is just a small part of our Public Relations course which is now available to purchase here

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Noelene Gration
Noelene Gration

Noelene has created more key messages than she cares to remember. She has helped many organisations to create their own and use them to great effect in their marketing and public relations.

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